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Airport Committee

Studies and Presentations

Federal Aviation Administration

Flight School Slideshow Presentation
by Sunset Park resident John Fairweather to OPA Sept 12, 2011

SMO Visioning Process Can/Can't Do List
Handout on talk by David Goddard (speaking for himself) to OPA, Sept 12, 2011

City of Santa Monica Visioning Process for Santa Monica Airport

SMO Visioning Process

     Staff Report Phase I Studies

Ocean Park Association Response Letter to City October 4, 2011

Friends Of Sunset Park Response Letter to City October 4, 2011

Miscellaneous SMO Airport Studies

2011 Santa Monica Resident Survey Summary

Airport Noise Up From 1 to 10% casmat.org, 9-13-2011

Links to Studies on Health Risks With the Airport casmat.org, 9-13-2011

SM Airport Environmental Studies Friends of Sunset Park

Analysis of SMO Flight Traffic John Fairweather, 4-15-2011

Specifically where the air traffic is coming from when flying over Sunset and Ocean Park. The studies calculate the percentage of operations coming from flight schools, training flights and jets.

58 flights (departures) during the period from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m., an average of one flight every 3.1 minutes.
60% of all traffic was flight school and training related
1 plane accounted for 30% of all flights (departures)
17 flights - N2092L (Skyward Aviation)

Analysis of SMO Flight Traffic
John Fairweather, presented to Rod Gould, Bob Trimborn and the Airport Commission. 1-8-2011

Noise Analysis of FAA IFR Departure Test
by Vince Maestre, commissioned by City of SM, 9-27-2010

The study was on the 250 heading test and studied the effect of the test on IFR flights only. It excludes traffic from jets and VFR flights.

Noise Management Program
Santa Monica Airport, 4-2011

"Propeller aircraft operations for April 2011 increased 17% from the 7,509 propeller aircraft operations recorded during April 2010." Pages 1 & 2 go into detail on the type of traffic that has increased. The number of operations (take-offs and/or landings) is expected to increase as the economy continues to improve.

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