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Just what has OPA done for Ocean Park lately?

You might not know it, but there is a dedicated group of your neighbors who volunteer their time and energy to make sure that Ocean Park is the best neighborhood it can be for all of the residents who are fortunate to call this place home.  

We are the Ocean Park Association and we are here for YOU!  

We thought you might like to know about some of the things

we have accomplished in this past year...

We created the biggest and best July 4th parade yet! Check out the website at www.SantaMonicaParade.org – Be sure to join us in 2019!

OPAPeeps.jpgParade Poster sm.jpg

Team OPA was created to do good works and provide volunteer service opportunities within our community, most notably with a partnership with Heal the Bay and beach clean-ups.


Lincoln Boulevard improvements and clean-up are now clearly underway, thanks to residents’ efforts through the Pico/Lincoln Action Team and working with City Manager City Planning, Code Enforcement, and SMPD.

We also promoted and celebrated the city's new utility box art program, spearheaded by our own board member.

utility box sm.jpeg

BeautifyEarth.org (stemmed from OPA) has added art throughout our city on over 50 walls and has become a global movement! How many murals have you seen?

beautify Earth.jpgBeautiful-Lincoln-3-1024x768.jpg

We celebrated National Night Out at Clover Park and Tongva Park, and participated in the Shotgun House 1st Anniversary celebrations. We love doing our part to help celebrate all that makes living in Ocean Park so great!


We celebrated the 100th anniversary of our Ocean Park Branch Library, one of the few remaining Carnegie Libraries. Our meetings moved to the OP Library to be more accessible, and now we have music events on the Library Lawn!  Join us on Valentine’s Day for a romantic local date night complete with food trucks and a DJ!

Library OP.jpeg

We have improved our emails and our website to better serve our members – let us know what you think, and we’ll keep making them better for you!

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 3.42.39 PM.png

Getting involved is easy

Here are a few simple things you can do to get started.

Become a Member    |   Request to be on the Agenda    |   Join us on Facebook

You are also encouraged to join us at our meetings.

Anything else?

Here are just some of the topics and presentations

that were featured in our 2016 meetings.

Lots more to come in 2017.  




Downtown Specific Plan

Housing Commission Recommendations on Maintaining Affordable Housing in Santa Monica

Santa Monica Daily Press (Publisher Rob Schwenker)


The arguments for and against Electoral Districts


City Manager Rick Cole’s perspective on the issues facing our city


Farmer’s Market (Jodi Low)

Crime Update (Myesha Morrison and Officer Erik Milosevich)

Local Coastal Plan (City Planners Liz Bar‐El and Cary Fukui)

Downtown Community Plan (City Planners Travis Page and Peter James)

Expo Opening Update and the Open Street Event (City of Santa Monica Staff)


Open Street Event (Kathy LePrevost)

Santa Monica Mirror (Mirror staff )

Ocean Park's Phillips Chapel CME Church (Alison Rose Jefferson, Historian)

City Attorney Accountability Act (For and Against presentations)


Intro to Santa Monica City Historic Resources Update (Holly Kane and Molly Iker)

Ocean Park Library (Karen Reitz, Librarian)

Bergamot Advisory Committee Highlights (Diana Gordon and Mike Meyers)


OPA Parade Debrief/Discussion

A music afternoon at the OP Library (Jacqueline Koh)


Santa Monica Water Quality (David Coles, Heal The Bay)


City Forester on planting and trimming plans (Matthew Wells and Wister Dorta)

Provident St John’s planning/development (Melissa Sweeney)


Presentations on the Santa Monica  November Ballot issues

1.         Prop 56 – Tobacco Tax (Sion Roy)

2.         Measure A – Parks Funding (Michael Brodsky)

3.         Measure GSH – Sales Tax, & Measure GS Advisory (Mike Soloff, Chair, SM Housing    Commission, and Jennifer Smith, President, SM-Malibu PTA Council)

4.         For Measure V – Santa Monica College (Denny Zane)

5.         Against Measure V – Santa Monica College (Zina Josephs)

6.         For Measure LV (Armen Melkonians)

7.         Against Measure LV ()

8.         Measure SM – Oaks –  (Mary Marlow)


Ocean Park Library Update (Karen Reitz, Librarian)

Smoke Free Apartments desired amendments to Code (Esther Schiller, Smokefree Air for Everyone)

Airport Park planning (Michael Brodsky)

Shotgun House 1st Anniversary Celebration (Laurel Schmidt, Board Member, Santa Monica Conservancy)


Benefits to Ocean Park community of continued operations at Santa Monica Airport (For and Against)

Compassionate Santa Monica & Race Relations (Zoë Muntaner)

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